I General

  • What is Musicbirds ?

Musicbirds is a place where you can book harps when and where you need them. For a short or a long time. Harpists can look for harps in one place, travel more easily, and find a harp in a minute no matter why they need it.

  • How does it work?

If you are looking for a harp to rent, you can search according to the harp types and locations. If you want to rent your harp, you must create one or several Listings, depending on the time units you want to use (per day, per week, per month).

  • Which kind of harps can I find?

Musicbirds has currently celtic harps, concert harps, and historical harps. If your harp does not fit in these categories, the Musicbirds admin will create one for you. Please write to Claire at musicbirds2021@gmail.com

  • Why should I sign up in Musicbirds?

Because you will help yourself and other harpists in the world to find harps more easily! You will also know other harpists and extend your network!

  • Why should I add my harp(s) in Musicbirds?

Musicbirds offers you the opportunity to tell the harp world that a harp might be available at your location. Thanks to you, other harpists will play concerts far away from home, say yes to a tour, or just be able to practice on holiday!

  • Is it free to list my harp(s)?

Yes, it is entirely free!

  • Who is behind Musicbirds, and why?

Claire Augier de Lajallet is behind Musicbirds. She is a French freelance modern and baroque harpist. She had to cancel projects/competitions several times in the past because she could not find harps where she wanted to go. She believes that harpists can be respectful and helpful with others.

  • Which countries does Musicbirds represent?

Musicbirds does not have any geographical limitations. Whether you live in Canada, Brazil, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, you can use it !

  • Can I only list a harp with a price in €?

Yes, Musicbirds currently only offers rentals in €, but you can still add your harps if you do not live in the EU. You can use a converter to calculate the amount you wish for your Listings: https://www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter/

  • I don't see that many harps; why?

Musicbirds was created in May 2021. It is the beginning but will always grow more and more. Every user, every harpist can contribute to its growth and a better harp world. Musicbirds needs you!

II Harp owners

  1. How do I put my harp to rent on the Platform?

You need to create one or several Listings according to the time units you want to use (per day, per week, or per month). You need one Listing per time unit, even if it is the same harp. You need to write a complete and full description of your music instrument, and upload a few photos. Please read carefully the « How it works » section.

  • I have a harp that I use daily. I would be ok to rent it very occasionally. Should I still put it on the Platform?

Yes! It would help if you considered Musicbirds as a worldwide harpbook. By listing your harp, you indicate to people that one would be available at your location if they ask.

  • Do I have to accept a rental request? Is it automatic?

No, and no. You will never be forced to accept a rental request. You have three days to reply.

  • I love the concept, but I am still a little freaked out with the idea of renting my harp to a stranger. How do I get to know my Renter?

Musicbirds gives you the possibility to contact your Renter before accepting a rental request. We strongly encourage you to write a little bit with your possible Renter to see if you can give him/her your trust.

  • I am ok with sharing my harp, but I do not want it to be moved by others. Can people come to my home to play it there?

Of course! It is your instrument and your rules! You can write in the description your conditions.

  • After the Rental, can I review the Renter?

Yes, you can leave a comment on your Renter's profile (and she/he can leave one to !).

  • A Problem occurred during the Rental; what happens now?

You can write to Musicbirds to report the Renter's behavior if you think it was not ok. Musicbirds will also contact the Renter and decide afterward to remove her/his access to the Platform. If an accident happened to your harp, then you have to see the both of you with the insurance you or the Renter chose. Musicbirds can and will not provide any financial compensation. Musicbirds gives you only the opportunity of finding people who want to rent your harp. But we always have a kind ear and will help you if we can!

III Harp renters

  • How do I send a booking request ?

Choose the dates you would like to rent the harp, and press the "Ask for a rental request".

  • A Red message appears. What do I do?

It means that the Owner has not yet added her/his details payments. You can write her/him, and please also contact the Musicbirds administrator.

  • What do I need to take for the Rental? What is included?

It depends on the Listing. The Owner writes what is included (String set, music stand...). Please see directly with her/him.

  • Am I bound when I send a booking request?

A booking request is not a contractual agreement or binding; it is simply a message and request letting a harp Renter know you would like to book her /his music instrument. If you sent a request by mistake, need to modify it, or cancel, we encourage you to immediately notify the Renter using our messaging.

  • How long does the Owner have to accept or decline the Rental?

You should receive an answer within three days.

  • For which occasions can I rent a harp? Do I have to tell the Owner?

We recommend you to be honest with the Harp Owner. It is a matter of respect. Please indicate in your Rental request why you need a harp and where it will be taken. It is also important for insurance. Please treat the Owner and her/his harp how you would like to be treated as an Owner.

IV Legal & Insurance

  • Do I need insurance for my music instrument?

Yes, your music instrument should be insured, either by you or by your Renter. Please specify it in your Listing.

  • Does Musicbirds offer insurance?

Musicbirds cannot be your insurance booking agent. We have a partnership with Harmonia for the countries in the EU (you need to have an address here). People from other countries should look for local offers.

  • Can I request my Renter to take insurance?

Yes, you can require that people wanting to rent your harp have their own insurance policy. Please mention it in your Listing description, and ask for proof of insurance before finalizing the booking.

  • Do I need possible renters to sign an agreement, sign a waiver, or any other document?

Your booking request through Musicbirds is not a contractual agreement but a message requesting to rent your music instrument for the date, time period, and price written in the Listing. You can ask for a deposit and/or a rental agreement, but please note that it is a dual agreement between you and the Renter, and Musicbirds cannot be held responsible for any problem occurring during the booking.

  • Does Musicbirds provide a template for a rental agreement?

Yes, you can ask to receive a template that you will fill and sign together with the renter/owner.